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First Friday Recap

On March 3rd we held our Phonetography First Friday event. Here’s a little recap for those that may have missed it.

The best camera is the one you have with you, and for most, that camera is just one function of their smart phones. This spontaneity of having a camera with you at all times has become a powerful social community with the help of the app Instagram. For our exhibit, we took these images of everyday Vegas life from the small screen of smart phones, to the wall of our offices on 20”x20” canvas prints.

We featured the work of 22 people, each offering their own unique perspective. We partnered with our friends at CanvasPop, which was the premier canvas provider. And as everyone can attest, the prints turned out amazing. The quality of the image and the color were some often cited comments. So definitely check them out if you need anything printed up.

Thank you to everyone that attended, and especially those that showcased their work!

See more photos (and Like us) at our Facebook page here.

If you’re interested in following them yourselves, here they are along with their Instagram handles:

Glendon Scott – @the_glendon
Justin Woolard – @woolwerks
Elizabeth Flippin – @eflippin
Angela Woolard – @snowflake23
Ryan Shewchuck – @Shewchuk
Ryan Bruntee – @VegasRyan
JACUZZIHIDIVE – @jacuzzihidive
Dayna Roselli – @daynaroselli
Sarah Feldberg – @thefelds
Manya Susoev – @manyas
Dave Nadkarni – @SurrenderVegas
Lindsay Sanders – @lturner1187
Cara Zizzo – @carazizzo
LeAnn Tinch – @leanntinch
Lilly Garcia – @cheeseandtofu
Dustin Schirer – @TrustTheDust
Austin Walsh – @shootoutloud
Bryan Hainer – @bryanhainer
Amanda Belivacqua – @amanda_belivacqua
Chantel Marie Tripp – @Suttro
Scott Robertson – @scottagram